Why Safety Razors are Making a Comeback

September 20, 2018  •   2 min read


You might remember safety razors from old movies, or from seeing your dad or grandad’s shaving kits. Shaving was so deeply rooted in tradition then and shaving kits and safety razors represented something timeless and meaningful. Safety razors have been around since the 1880s, and were used up until modern technology took over and brought us 5 blade, rotating head, disposable, plastic razors. While these types of razors are quite convenient, we’re sharing why safety razors are making a comeback, and why this is a trend we’re happy to see Schick around.


Plastic-Free Shaving:

One of the biggest catalysts for the rise in safety razor usage stems from the plastic-free movement that has been trending for the past few years. Safety razors are meant to last a lifetime, meaning you significantly cut down on your self-care plastic use. With so many of us using one- or two-time disposable razors, or disposable cartridges, the introduction of a safety razor in your routine means no more refills and/or non-recyclable razors. Safety razors are often made out of aluminum or brass, and the only part that gets disposed of are the blades, which can be recycled in the right facilities. With the plastic-free movement taking the world by storm, it only makes sense that we switch our personal grooming utensils over to a sustainable and better option.


A Better Shave:

Big brands have duped us into believing that 5 blades mean a better, more intuitive shave, but in reality, the single blade that safety razors have is much better. Single blades that are angled the way they are in a safety razor allows for a closer shave, cutting the hair in one single stroke. 5 blades can cause irritation and razor burn more quickly as multiple blades are grazing your skin. I had the chance to use Well Kept’s brass safety razor and my legs truly felt smoother and less irritated than when I shave with my regular 5 blade Venus.


More Cost Effective:

We all know that the cost of razors can add up quite significantly over a period of time. Either with the disposable variety, or the cartridges, razors in general are known to be a bit of an annoying expense. Safety razors are amazing because they only require the cost of the razor once, with the addition of the blades. Safety razor blades are incredibly inexpensive to purchase, and can easily be bought online in packs. Your long-term cost will be much cheaper with a safety razor.


A More Meaningful Experience:

We don’t often think about shaving, whether it’s our legs or face, as something exciting or meaningful. I’ve always just quickly run a razor over my legs in the shower to get the job done. When I used Well Kept’s shave kit (complete with agave fibre exfoliating cloth, essential oil shave oil, and brass safety razor), I couldn’t believe how connected I was to the process. Taking your time and completing a task with intention truly does change the experience. I was able to slow-down, connect myself to the act, and have a few moments of calm in an otherwise busy day. Nourishing yourself with products that are made to last and that are made with the intention of caring for your skin is the best way to bring consciousness into your skincare routine.


My Experience with Well Kept:

This brand hails from Vancouver, Canada and has created an experience out of shaving, attempting to recapture moments of self-care and slow living. With thoughtful, plastic-free packaging, their new brass razors are beautifully designed, well-made, and perfect to use. I was nervous to use a safety razor for the first time, as I’d heard a bit about how they can really slice your skin. After exfoliating my skin with the agave fibre cloth and applying the shave oil, I carefully glided the razor over my leg. I loved how easily it cut through, and how soothing the experience was. The trick is to not apply too much pressure, and let the weight of the razor do the work for you.


Well Kept is a swoon-worthy, woman-owned brand that captures that antiquated practice of self-care, one that makes grooming into a meditative and luxurious experience, instead of a mad dash in the shower. Well Kept is changing how we interact with our bodies and with the environment, not only through their plastic-free razors, but also through their blade bank program. These stainless steel bricks house used razor blades, a safe and secure way to store them until the bank is full (about 80-100 blades). Once full, Well Kept will take them back and recycle the blades properly on the customer’s behalf, and in turn, send back a new bank. This closed loop initiative is a wonderful way the brand is providing easy recycling solutions for their customers, and is a way they are ensuring they’re doing their part in keeping waste at bay.

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