What on Earth is Earthing?

July 3, 2019  •   4 min read


Yet another ancient practice that was lost to the advances of modern science, earthing or grounding, is making its way back to us, as we’re re-learning the deep benefits that those before us acquired early on.

A sister practice to forest bathing, earthing helps us to consider our body’s electric fields and how we can pull benefit from the earth. Often practiced by Indigenous people in North America and the world, earthing is an intrinsic understanding that they have, one that has proven to help soothe, strengthen, cleanse and heal.

While we may think progress and benefit lie in concrete jungles and high-rises, these developments have left out practices that we naturally require for health and wellbeing. Sleeping in high-rises means we are far away from the earth, impeding our ability to ground. Throughout history, people slept on the earth, something we don’t do anymore, and that is a reason why we feel so off-balance. Read below to understand what earthing is, and how you can begin to practice it for an elevated physical state.


What is Earthing?

Earthing or grounding is the practice of placing bare skin on the earth in order to absorb millions of electrons into the body. The earth is a conductor, as are all living beings. The earth is negatively charged, emitting negative ions and electrons. These negatively charged ions and electrons help detoxify our bodies from free radicals, heavy metals, air pollution, etc. The healing treatment that earthing provides is unparalleled. With our feet on the ground, we begin to flow with the current of the earth, providing us with raised health, higher consciousness, and a feeling of connection and stability. When you are electrically grounded, you feel centered, strong, solid, balanced, less tense, and less stressed. All of these are areas where the modern person feels a lack, a link that is not arbitrary.


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How do we “Earth”?

Costing little to no money, earthing is a simple and easy way to reconnect with the earth. A few minutes a day or even a week will provide massive benefits. To earth or ground, you must expose your skin to the surface of the earth. You can do this barefoot, or with specific earthing shoes, such as these from Raum. You can walk, sit or lie down in the grass, forest or near a tree, and try to touch your bare skin to the earth as much as possible. The beach is an excellent place to practice earthing, as the salty air is extremely conductive. Walking barefoot in the sand is a therapeutic experience, and a big reason why we feel so rejuvenated after a beach vacation. Be present in your body and with your surroundings while you earth. You might choose to put your feet in a freshwater stream, turn your face to the sun, run your hands over moss-covered logs, or feel the grass tickle your neck and arms. Breathe in deeply to savour the fresh air, the vegetal scents of the forest, and allow the lush greenery and vibrancy to soothe your eyes. Do this for at least fifteen minutes at a time.


What are Earthing Shoes?

The reason why Raum’s shoes are specifically for earthing is because of the copper rivet in the base of the shoe. Copper is a highly conductive metal, one that channels the earth’s electricity into our bodies (basically plugging our feet to the ground). Not everyone likes to go barefoot or can at all times, so these zero-drop shoes allow us to absorb the benefit from the earth, on any surface, without having to actually be barefoot. While indoor surfaces like wood, carpet and vinyl do not provide benefit, outdoor surfaces like grass, sand, dirt and even concrete are all conductive. Raum shoes have a thin, soft leather sole that allow our feet to feel the texture of the ground, activating all the healing pressure points on our heels, arches, toes, and balls of our feet. Most of the time, we wear shoes with rubber or plastic soles. These materials act as a barrier to the earth’s energy, insulating them from the beneficial electrical contact we need. Raum has designed a soft, supple, easy to pack shoe that is sustainable, ethically-made, and beneficial to our health.


What are the Health Benefits of Earthing?

We don’t often think about the fact that a build-up of positive ions in the body is where and when disease and illness start to occur. To retrovert this build-up, exposing our bodies to negative ions from the earth is a free and naturally primitive way to heal and help us reinstate our optimal homeostasis. Some of the health benefits of earthing are:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Improves circulation
  • Protects us from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)
  • Eases chronic pain and inflammation (this is one of the most significant benefits, and coincidently, inflammation is one of the most common health concerns of our time, leading to many diseases that are prevalent today. The link is uncanny).
  • Relaxes tense or sore muscles
  • Helps us recover almost immediately from jet lag
  • Shortens recovery time from injuries and promotes healing in the body
  • Balances emotions, reduces stress and anxiety and boosts energy
  • Improves mental clarity and decision-making abilities
  • Deepens our sense of connection with nature and all beings
  • Aligns the energy body – chakras and meridians


Studies have been conducted that have shown significant reduction of inflammation in the body, as well as rapid wound healing. Those suffering from chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, and chronic pain have noticed a marked difference in their recovery and overall wellbeing after earthing. More studies indicating the effects of the above-mentioned benefits can be found here


Reconnecting ourselves with the earth is beyond beneficial, and a way for us to realign our physical, mental and spiritual states.

Raum’s earthing shoes aim to bring us back to our connection with nature, reinvigorate our senses, and help us align our minds with a higher consciousness. By gaining consciousness, we become more aware, in flow, and balanced. We start to care more about the earth, her preservation, and her innate knowledge, helping ensure that we take measures to protect and maintain our natural environments.

This post was sponsored by Raum. With stringent requirements, I only work with brands whose visions and ethos align with my own. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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