Sustainable Maternity Wear: Pre and Post Baby

May 14, 2019  •   4 min read

This post has been written by our guest contributor: Christabel Homewood


I sat down with my oldest friend, Christabel Homewood, to discuss maternity wear. As a new mom, Christabel has shared with me on the blog green baby products that she found immensely useful for the first 6 months of her baby’s life. I decided to ask my “in-house mom specialist” about maternity wear, as I was getting quite a few questions about it.


Her roundup is below, where I have found sustainable alternatives to the brands she wore. I love her innovative, low-waste solutions, as well as her desire to keep things minimal, inexpensive and wearable post-baby. Many of the brands I have listed aren’t specific to maternity wear, but are easily wearable during and after pregnancy. 


Before becoming pregnant I used to imagine I’d wear all kinds of cute maternity clothes to show off my bump, but fairly early on in my pregnancy I realized what I really wanted was to be comfortable and to spend my money on items that would last longer than a trimester. Cute maternity clothes quickly began to seem very wasteful. If your work requires professional outfits or you’ve got a special event to attend then maternity stores do offer lovely options, but in my experience, I found I needed far less than I had anticipated. 


I was able to extend the amount of time I could wear my favourite jeans by leaving the button undone, looping a hair elastic through the buttonhole, and securing the other end over the button. Longer tunic-style tops covered the fly of my jeans and nobody was any the wiser. I found this solution far less cumbersome than a belly band. When that little trick was no longer an option, I found I could only manage soft stretchy fabrics anyways so I happily gave up wearing jeans or trousers with stiffer waistbands. I did buy one pair of premium maternity jeans with the elastic “pockets” but found that after half an hour or so the seams around the elastic would rub the skin on my hips raw and I only wore them twice (they were quickly donated to a women’s shelter). 


I lived in really soft stretchy leggings and long tunic tops. I bought open-front cardigans that would go over anything and could be worn for years to come after baby. I opted for soft spun fabrics and found tops with round bottom hemlines the most flattering. I didn’t like maternity bras but preferred racerback cotton bras. By the time my feet no longer fit in my winter shoes the weather was warmer and I was able to switch to Birkenstocks with adjustable straps. I will wear the sandals I bought for years and as long as the leather or vegan leather straps are in good condition it is possible to have the cork soles replaced when necessary. 


The summer after my daughter was born I mainly wore flowy stretchy T-shirts and tank tops, cotton or linen drawstring pants, and cotton one-size-fits-all dresses from Christy Dawn. I had a great capsule wardrobe that summer and really appreciated how simple it made getting dressed during those first few chaotic months postpartum. 


In my experience I needed far less than I thought I would because I wore the same comfy stuff over and over and am still wearing a lot of it. The items that are now too big, have been packed away to wear the next time around. Simple classic designs in neutral colours never go out of style, and Arti has done a fantastic job of sourcing sustainable alternatives/equivalents to the clothing items I found most useful. 

Shop Christabel’s looks, from these sustainable brands:


Everyday T-Shirt Dress

One-Size Fits All Dawn Dress
Christy Dawn

Classic Caftan Breton Stripe
Dwell + Slumber


Reversible, Open-Front Cardigan
Vetta Capsule

Organic Cotton Basic Long Cardigan

Organic Cotton Boucle Long Cardigan
Eileen Fisher


The Lounge Lunghi
Matter Prints

Amelia Jumpsuit
Boob Design

The Relaxed Tunic
Vetta Capsule

Tees and Tanks

Loose Fitting, Round Bottom Hemline Tee
Free Label

The Essence Tank
Synergy Clothing

Tencel Raglan Scoop Tee
Wear Franc


Once-On-Never-Off Leggings
Boob Design

Sunday Pant
Free Label

Linen Lounge Pants
Sundays Designs


About the Author

Christabel Homewood is a new mom living in Toronto. She’s eager to have open and honest conversations with parents about the realities of pregnancy and postpartum life.

She is also interested in personal and intuitive development. She is passionate about helping people embrace sensitivity, cultivate their ability to be self-aware and self-reflective, foster consciousness, and gain confidence in their abilities by guiding them as they explore their inner world. Heart intelligence is our superpower and this work empowers us to recognize our purpose, see the possibilities/choices available to us, and act/respond from a more grounded place.


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