Sustainable Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

November 12, 2020  •   2 min read


Your other half, the Wonder Woman in your life, deserves the best when it comes to gift giving. We’re sharing sustainable gift ideas for the traveler that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. Your bestie is sure to appreciate a gift that benefits others in a positive way, and one that is socially-responsible. Whether you choose to surprise her with a moon journal that delves deep into her subconscious, or environmentally-friendly dare cards, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Attalie Dexter, Sunrise Wall Hanging, $83 USD

Ethically handmade in LA, these macramé wall hangings are the perfect addition to your gal pal’s pad. Made from a blend of fibers such as merino, linen and silk, each piece is made to order to reduce waste. Threads are hand-dyed and the loops are all vintage, further reducing waste and ensuring a sustainable production process.

2. Heirloom, Arbor Straw, $160 CAD

Reviving the art of milliners, this Montreal-based brand has resurrected fashion’s oldest accessory, the hat. Putting a modern aesthetic on an original design, the straw hat has become trendy and chic. Your bestie will turn heads in her straw visor, which is ethically made by hand and made to measure. Made from 100% Bao straw with a suede adjustable strap, your bestie will look the ultimate in cool.

3. This Ilk, Matahari Earrings, $52 CAD

Unique earrings handmade in Montreal, This Ilk will be your bestie’s newest statement piece. The Matahari earrings can be worn casually or to dress up an outfit. Pieces are hand-dyed and cut, and made from vintage lace and thread. Each piece varies slightly, a mark of the individual worker’s hand as well as the vintage nature of the materials, making the story of the jewelry that much more special.

4. Christy Dawn, The Quinn Dress, $288 USD

Sustainable, ethical and timeless, these beautiful dresses are sure to make your bestie swoon. Only using dead stock and residual fabric from the fashion industry, this brand rescues leftover fabric from landfill-doom and thus helps reduce waste. All pieces are ethically made in LA, where workers are paid a competitive wage and receive health benefits.

5. Conscious Magazine Subscription, $35/year

Give your bestie a gift you can both talk about for hours. A subscription to Conscious Magazine explores innovative ideas and the global community. Inspiring readers to become conversation starters, this magazine features stories rooted in conscious culture, and encourages readers to become pioneers of benevolent change.

6. Eluo, Forma Floris Clay Mask, $45 CAD

For your bestie who could use a self-care day, pamper her with this soothing colloidal clay mask from Eluo. Formulated with botanicals and mineral rich clay, this mask gently draws impurities from pores. Featuring nutrient-rich plant powders of hibiscus, althaea root, and aloe, the Forma Floris mask is inspired by ancient beauty rituals from generations before. Friday night plans: my face, some snacks, my bestie, and this mask.

7. Neblina + Noche, La Mexicana Arch Earrings, $60 CAD

Made from beautiful terracotta clay, these earrings are an ode to the gorgeous pottery that has been made in Mexico by the Indigenous peoples for centuries. All earrings are handmade, and gift wrapped in a muslin bag. Megan, the brand founder, spent 2 years living immersed in nature, completely off-grid in a 150-year old adobe farmhouse in Mexico. Your bestie will love the rustic beauty of these earrings, as well as the rich earth they came from.

8. Soul Daring, 50 Dares: A Playful Path to Transformation, $15 USD

The adult version of truth or dare is the gift your bestie never knew she needed. 50 cards, each with a unique action in the form of a dare, this playful deck is intended to help remove barriers by inspiring positive change through daring actions. The cards are made in the USA from sustainable forest-based paper and vegetable-based inks. Laminated using a starch-based process makes them eco-friendly and consciously-designed.

9. The Moon Lists, An Analog Workbook, $13.49 USD

The Moon Lists is a guided journal structured around the phases of the moon. The workbook is filled with questions, list-making ideas, and prompts for taking inventory of the self. The Moon Lists explores parts of the mind that are new, unknown, and full of possibility, helping breaking though creative, emotional, and transitional roadblocks. Your bestie will be over the moon with this deep inner work, embodying all the celestial glory that she is.

10. Ozma, Dot Hankie, Earth, $69 USD

The perfect, petite accent scarf for neck or hair, your bestie will channel all the retro vibes in this soft earth silk scarf. Handprinted and dyed in LA, these scarves are 100% silk with a hand-rolled hem. Ozma supports values that are rooted in sustainability, minimalism, and the beauty of imperfection. With biodegradable textiles that are sustainably-sourced, these pieces are season-less, trend-less, and made to be worn year after year. Much like your friendship, these scarves will stand the test of time

11. Jewels and Aces, Earring Capsule, $88-$136 CAD

Taking the concept of a clothing capsule to jewelry, Jewels and Aces sustainably makes their ear pieces from recycled 14K gold and sterling silver. Produced in small-batches and using lab-grown stones, this brand encourages the concept of less is more. With only a handful of pieces, more than 16 looks are achieved, for a fresh take every time. Mix and match with your bestie and your Instagram followers won’t ever know they’re the same.

12. Joni, Organic Pad Subscription + Donation, $10 CAD

Elevate your bestie’s menstrual cycle with these Oeko-Tex, Ecocert and USDA Organic Certified pads. Made sustainably with organic bamboo (which uses 10x less water to produce), these pads are fragrance-free, plastic-free, antibacterial and hypo-allergenic, biodegrading into the earth within 1 year. The subscription option is a gift that keeps on giving, making her period easier. Joni also has an option to buy a donation, helping to alleviate thousands of menstruating humans who don’t have access to period products. Say bye to regular pads that pollute the earth and cramp her style.

13. POJ Studio, Kintsugi Kit, $135 USD

The beautiful art of Kintsugi is brought alive by Pieces of Japan, a brand reviving the traditions of Japanese artisans. Kintsugi is the art of repairing what is broken, an intentional practice that teaches us to treasure what we have. Promoting the idea of repairing over trashing, POJ has created a sustainable way for the Japanese craftsmen to continue their work. Ceramics are repaired with urushi lacquer and a dusting of gold, making the item even more beautiful post break. Just like the cracks that sometimes appear in your friendship, your bestie will adore this shimmering ode to the unbreakable.

14. Therese Kuempel, Eye Stash Jar, $240 USD

For the kush-loving bestie, these jars are the perfect appendage for her stash. Therese Kuempel hand makes these stash jars in her Chicago studio. Made from nickel-free brass and finished using traditional metal-smithing techniques, these designs are unique and meant to empower its user. Your bestie will glaze over in excitement when presented with this keepsake.

15. Tandem Ceramics, Lunar Jewelry Dish, $40 USD

For your bestie who loves all things delicate, Tandem Ceramics creates stunning works of art that are handmade, small-batch, and mostly all made to order, re-selling their seconds instead of discarding them for a low waste model. The clays and glazes used are all formulated in house, in the brand’s repurposed mill building that dates back to the 1860s. Get in perfect tandem with your bestie by gifting her a handcrafted dish for her baubles, one that aligns with her celestial spirit.

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