Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Spiritual Being

November 12, 2020  •   2 min read


As we collectively start to crave meaning in this digital world, many of us are turning to spirituality as a way to find connection and authenticity in life. For the spiritual being in your life who loves everything occult, meaningful and ceremonial, we’re sharing sustainable gift ideas that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. Whether you choose to surprise them with a power ring made from repurposed Cambodian war casings, or an artisan-made tarot cards, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Spirit Speak, Tarot Deck, $43 USD

Every modern witch needs her own tarot deck. Spirit Speak’s deck is a 78-card deck of hand drawn black and white cards. The bold drawings are intentionally designed to be easy to use and read, with simple symbolism. Designed in Oakland, California by Mary Elizabeth Evans, these cards are a wonderful tool of self-reflection and a form of expression.

2. Flore, Moon Garden Spirit Water, $40 CAD

Artisan made distillation waters are just the thing the modern witch in your life needs to invite her into a dreamy, magical state. With sustainable, wild-foraged plant essential oils of lavender, coastal mugwort, bay laurel and clary sage, and with absolutes of lavender, geranium, iris, and patchouli, the witch in your life is set to do dream work, moon rituals, and prepare for rest and emotional purification.

3. Chic Made Consciously, Protection Ring, $75 CAD

Your witchy friend needs a statement piece to help her channel her occult powers. This bold design was created in Toronto, and carefully crafted by Chic’s artisan team in Cambodia from repurposed war remnants. Made from reclaimed brass from ordinance of landmines and bullet shell casings left after the Cambodian war, this piece has a special energy of transformation of protection and unity. All of Chic Made Consciously’s products are upcycled, handmade, fair trade and support a circular economy.

4. Wooden Spoon Herbs, Immunity Now Tincture, $36 USD

Give the witch in your life an immunity potion that contains the entire forest in a potent elixir. Each dropperful unites mushrooms, flowers, berries and leaves, helping cure any ailments that befall her. Made by a clinical herbalist in the Appalachian Mountains, the rich local biodiversity and slow mountain living allow Lauren to source her American-grown herbs directly from the farmers, instead of tapping into the often-unsustainable global herb market. With powerful herbs like elderberry, echinacea, reishi, and cane spirits, this tincture will magically have her on her feet again.

5. 3rd Ritual, Moon Botanical Body Lotion, $32 USD

The spiritual being in your life will love the chance to connect the earth, sun and moon in these celestial inspired body balms. Made from 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts, free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and formaldehyde, this brand encourages mindfulness and the practice of rituals, serving as a reminder to pause and experience life with intention. The spiritual being in your life will be over the moon with this apothecary kit.

6. The Green Witch, $24 CAD

Every coven needs her potion book. The Green Witch is a delightful guide to natural magic, filled with practical recipes for herbal blends that promote healing and relaxation. For the naturalist, herbalist, wise woman and healer in your life, this book will help her draw energy from the Earth and the Universe, teaching her how to use plants, flowers and herbs to make oils that heal, as well as recipes for sacred foods and rituals for grounding and harmony.

7. Dreamy Moons, Year of Growth Journal, $55.50 AUD

Present the spiritual being in your life with a book that brings together the elements of the Universe in a stunning display. This journal is made for the dreamers, writers and creatives, who want to dive deeper into their own minds and become the best version of themselves. Focusing on mindfulness, gratitude, intention setting, self-reflection and personal growth, this keepsake journal is the perfect tool for starting a new year, fresh. Dreamy Moons donates $1 from each sale to One Tree Planted, allowing them to offset their carbon emissions.

8. Session with a spiritual practitioner, prices vary

Treat your spiritually-guided friend to a session with a practitioner of their choice. Whether they choose Reiki, breathwork or a session with an astrologer, gifting them something non-material is a thoughtful gift they’ll be touched by. To better help them go deeper and connect further with the mystical world, a session with a professional of their choosing is the type of gift that will keep spirits high!

9. Wild Return Botanicals, Tinctures, $26 USD – WILD15 for 15% off

For the spiritual being in your life who would love some support in tuning into the vibration of the third eye, manifesting their visions, and aligning to the cosmos, these plant-based tinctures from Wild Return are handcrafted using natural herbs, and are just the thing to ground, uplift, energize, and calm. Integrating healing philosophies of Western herbalism, the Eastern chakra system, and the archetypes traditionally found in astrology and tarot, these tinctures will help the spiritual being in your life feel more connected to mind, body and spirit.

10. Kinship: Belonging in a World of Relations, 5-Volume Set, $135 CAD

For those who loved Braiding Sweetgrass and The Overstory, this collection of essays, interviews, poetry, and stories from notable contributors explores the astounding world of relations that we live in. From the bacterium swimming in our bellies to the trees exhaling the breath we breathe, this earth community is our kin, and being human is based upon this extended sense of kinship. The spiritual being in your life will enjoy these 5 volumes, each one diving into an aspect of humanity: Planet, Place, Partners, Persons, Practice.

11. POJ Studio, Hako Incense, $34 USD

The spiritual being in your life will love this unique set of leaf-shaped incense, made from sustainable Washi (rice) paper. The first and only of their kind, these handcrafted incense papers are made by a family-run business with a history of over 120 years. The history, the culture and the intentional design of this gift will amaze your recipient, grounding them in their spiritual practice and connecting them deeply to a practice that is centuries old.

12. The New New Age, Druid Magic Tea, $15 CAD

This magical tea combines sacred herbs of the ancient Druids with the light of Awen. The spiritual being in your life will gather inspiration from this blend, and experience the divine essence that connects all life. This tea is magical in its powers and creation, as all ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wild harvested or certified organic. The New New Age has their own herb farm and sanctuary, committed to ecological farming, ethical wildcrafting, and land conservation.

13. The Retreat at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Online Course, $225 USD +

For the spiritual being looking to deepen their relationship and understanding of the earth, mythology, dreamwork, fairy tales, alchemy, and more, Pacifica has mini courses available that are as engaging and interesting as they are mind-bending and exciting. Courses like “Dream Tending and Deep Imagination”, “Dreaming in Colour” and “Psychedelic Visual Culture” are all on the docket for the coming year. The spiritual being in your life will love this gift, wishing this was what their university course load had been like!

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