Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Nester

November 20, 2020  •   2 min read


We’re sharing sustainable gift ideas for the nester that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. The nester in your life is sure to appreciate a gift that benefits others in a positive way, and one that is socially-responsible. Whether you choose to surprise them with a handmade woven slippers, or linen sheets for the ultimate cozy, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Uashmama, Paper Bag, $27 USD

Developed by the Marconi family in Tuscany, Italy, these products are washable paper bags, completely unique and one-of-a-kind. The nester in your life will love using them for a multitude of purposes, from the kitchen to the laundry room, to living room décor to a house for plants. With a look and feel like leather, these sustainably-made bags are the perfect gift to give.

2. Lines of Elan, 100% Canadian Wool Dryer Balls, $29 CAD for 4

Replacing toxic dryer sheets, these dryer balls from Lines of Elan are sure to excite your nester friend. Handmade with 100% Canadian wool, dryer balls are a natural alternative to chemical-based fabric softeners. Safe and gentle on delicate skin, these wool balls do not harbour bacteria, they decrease wrinkles and static in natural fibres, and can be infused with essential oils to provide some natural scents. Lines of Elan works directly with the wool farms, ensuring ethical and sustainable shearing of wool and treatment of the sheep.

3. Soft Focus, Loungewear Set, $280 CAD

Soft Focus is Toronto’s newest loungewear brand, focusing on contemporary silhouettes made ethically out of quality, natural fabrics. The nester in your life will love the feeling of comfortable loungewear that feels luxurious and special. Simple, elegant and relaxed, these pieces are made for days on the couch.

4. Soda Stream, Fizzi, $119.99 CAD

Your nester friend will love having sparkling water on tap when you gift them a Soda Stream this year. Easy for entertaining, the Soda Stream helps cut down on wasteful single use plastic bottles that regular sparkling water comes in. This countertop bubble water maker takes tap water from flat to fizzed in seconds. The compact cordless design doesn’t require electricity to operate, meaning it can be taken anywhere. Ex-streamly convenient, wouldn’t you say so?

5. The Citizenry, Stonewashed Linen Bed Bundle, $435 USD

Help your nester friend create a laid-back oasis, right in their home, with this effortlessly luxurious set. Woven in Portugal by the Machado Linen Mill, which is the oldest family-run linen mill in the country, this bedding set is made from organic French flax, and each piece is stonewashed to ensure the softest feel. Each piece is Oeko-Tex certified and made sustainably in a fair-trade environment. Your nester friend will quickly realize that linen bedding is the sheet when it comes to cocooning.

6. Lekko, Linen Bowl Covers Set of 3, $48 CAD

Lekko’s Linen Bowl Covers are the perfect replacement to wasteful, single-use plastic cling wrap. Made from linen and cotton, these biodegradable fabrics are reusable, long-lasting, and kind to the earth. The bowl covers are perfect for storing leftovers, transporting snacks, and allowing dough to rise safely. Lekko sews all their products to order, a model that allows them to keep their company low waste and intentional in the creation process.

7. The Knotty Ones, Laumės Sweater Pearl, €229 

Named after the very oldest goddesses of Lithuanian mythology, the Laumės were believed to be guardians of nature who called in the rain and created thunder storms. This piece, ethically made in Lithuania will be your nester friend’s newest cozy knit. Made from 100% Merino Wool, The Knotty Ones provides stable jobs, fair wages and financial independence to women, mostly stay-at-home moms, in rural areas of Lithuania. For the one who loves to stay at home, this sweater couldn’t be more appropriate and giving.

8. Kyrgies, Natural Wool Slippers, $70-90 USD

Your nester friend wool be more than excited to receive a pair of these all-natural wool slippers, from Utah-based Kyrgies. These slippers are born of a tradition that is thousands of years old. They are produced in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where wet felting with sheep wool is both a tradition and a necessity thus Kyrgyz people have been felting for generations. The craftswomen who make these slippers are paid a living wage, working in a factory run by women, for women.

9. Kinfill, Full House Collection, €59.95

Help your nester friend reduce their waste by treating them to a box from Kinfill. This cleaning line offers 100% biodegradable cleaning extracts that are sold in glass vials for the user to blend at home. Their Italian glass “forever bottles” are long-lasting, not to mention incredibly beautiful. In an effort to reduce single-use plastics in our daily cleaning routines, Kinfill provides low-waste options that don’t comprise on quality or aesthetics. Ingredients are all ethically-sourced, without chlorides, palm oil, colourants or other harmful toxins. Kinfill effortlessly brings excitement to cleaning, helping us fall back in love with our spaces.

10. Droplet, Organic Cotton Handwoven Blanket, $185 CAD

The nester in your life will love cozying up with this ethically-sourced, 100% organic hand-loomed Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified cotton blanket. With dyes that are natural and toxin-free, plastic-free packaging, and a brand that believes in fair wages and ethical treatment of workers, Droplet conveys the best in snuggly couch knits. With us all spending more time at home these days, this versatile blanket is the perfect transition piece, from couch to bed to sunshiny days al fresco.

11. Restless Living, E-Magazine Subscription, $5.99-$49.99 USD

From the beautifully-curated Instagram account @restless.arch comes the Restless Living E-Magazine. This independent publication offers up well-crafted articles about architecture and home-living, perfect for your nest-loving friend. With simply written words and a beautiful layout, these magazines reduce waste and inspire art by way of interior design. Downloadable and easily accessible on any device, your nester friend can flip through them anywhere.

13. Ellei Home, Hand-Dyed Velvet Cushion Covers, £68

Perfectly blending cozy vibes with elevated design, these hand-dyed velvet cushions from Ellei Home are a gift your nester friend will just dye over! Made from cotton velvet and natural linen, these stunning cushions are made in a beautiful, slow process. The fabric is dyed outdoors, then hung to dry in a tree-filled garden before it is sewn into cushions. The result is a very unique look, much different from machine-dyed fabrics. In order to reduce waste, the dye is used up to the point of the dye bath running clear. Keepsake cushions that will be passed down for generations, Ellei Home is the epitome of slow home living.

13. Lineage Ceramics, $51 CAD +

For the one who values family and home, Lineage Ceramics not only conveys longevity in their usage, as opposed to plastic or melamine dishware, but also in time-honoured tradition. Lineage Ceramics was born out of a generations-old family history of ceramic making in Hong Kong that started in 1900, which Shuobi, the founder, brought back to life in Vancouver. The mission of the studio is to create ceramic tableware that lasts for generations and becomes part of a family’s fond dining memories. The nester in your life will loving tying their own personal lineage to these handcrafted ceramics.

14. The Citizenry, Hinoki Wood Bath Caddy, $195 USD

Handcrafted in Japan, this hinoki wood caddy will instantly elevate your nester friend’s bathing ritual. Native to central Japan, hinoki wood is known for its light hue, incredibly soft feel, and aromatic scent – when wet, hinoki wood releases a scent that’s both therapeutic and calming. The nester in your life will love slipping into a warm bath with all their favourite essentials easily within reach. The Citizenry helps to preserve artisan craft worldwide, by paying wages that average 2x the fair-trade requirement.

15. Unscented Co, Happy Hands Kit, $39.99 CAD

This beautiful kit from Unscented Co is the perfect gift for keeping hands clean, soft, and soothed. For the one who is always baking, cooking, doing laundry, and washing dishes, this trio of non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Lotion will not only look great on the counter but will easily wash, moisturize and protect. Unscented Co reduces plastic bottle waste by offering refill bulk bags so that the bottles you gift can be used over and over again. Each refill bag saves 4 plastic bottles from entering landfill. This brand is a Certified B Corp.

16. Shed Chetwyn Farms, Stand-In-The-Snow Gift Set, $135 CAD

For the one who always loves being snug and warm, this trio of winter necessities is just the thing to keep them warm and toasty on a cold winter day. This set of terry mittens, thick socks, and felt insoles makes a perfectly cozy bundle for shovelling, outdoor skating, and walks through a winter wonderland. Shed Chetwyn is a contemporary alpaca farm in Ontario’s Prince Edward County, where the owners are committed to sustainable farming, animal welfare (no alpacas are ever harmed in harvesting fleece), and love for the hand-made process. Get your nester friend this gift set – shed love it!

17. Field Study Shop, Classic Mug, $45 CAD

Quietly beautiful, this wheel-thrown mug is the perfect size for a morning cup of coffee, or a comforting cup of tea. Handmade by Wicked Wanda on Vancouver Island, these mugs come in dreamy colours such as cloud, oat, nutmeg and onyx, the perfect accompaniment to your nester friend’s day of cozy. These stoneware vessels are a speckled glaze and each one is slightly different as they are handmade.

18. Cottonist, Sand Kaftan, $120 CAD

Cottonist believes in making sustainability comfortable, choosing eco-friendly, natural fabrics over synthetic ones. Working with local artisans in Turkey, your nester friend will love these beautiful, 100% cotton robes that are soft and cozy, a signature element of Turkish cotton. From how they source their raw materials to how their products come to you, Cottonist is deeply committed to sustainability. With their partnership with One Tree Planted, every order plants a new tree, and they work with small manufactures, mostly all of whom are women-led. Your nester friend will love robing around freely at home in this stunning piece.

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