Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Foodie

November 18, 2020  •   2 min read


The foodie in your life will love being pampered with sustainable gifts that compliment their greatest love in life – food! We’re sharing sustainable gift ideas for the foodie that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. Whether you choose to surprise them with artisanal flours, or Japanese herb scissors for pruning their plants, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Matchaeologist, Matcha Brewing Kit, $90 CAD

For the tea-loving friend, this Matcha Brewing Kit from Matchaeologist is the best gift to give. The kit includes the brand’s signature artisanal matcha, Matsu. It also comes with hand-crafted matcha-ware products that are designed to balance traditional ceremonial values with contemporary functionality. In the kit you’ll find a Cloud Glass Chawan, a Full-Hand Chasen, and a Bamboo Chashaku – all the tools needed to partake in the ancient ceremony of matcha.

2. Abeego, Beeswax Wrap, $19-$65 CAD

With a mission to “keep food alive”, these beeswax food wraps are the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. Replacing wasteful plastic wrap, beeswax wraps can be used to wrap produce in, cover bowls and glasses, and to keep cheese in. Each wrap can be used up to 100x and will biodegrade when through. Abeego, from Vancouver, is the original maker of beeswax wraps and their limited-edition gift box set is perfect for your food-loving friend.

3. Righteous Gelato, $12 CAD

This Calgary-based brand handcrafts gelato, using ingredients that are locally-sourced and non-GMO. Their products are gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, consciously-made, and packaged in reusable containers. The company is also a Certified B Corp, meaning they must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

4. June Home Supply, Japanese Utility Shears, $10-23 CAD

Your foodie friend who loves to grow their own herbs will need a pair of these scissors. Crafted in China from carbon steel, these iconic Japanese and Chinese shears have been around for hundreds of years, where they were crafted by forging razor sharp carbon steel, used to trim bonsai trees. The simple yet symmetrical design allows them to be used by both right- and left-handed people. Your foodie friend will be in shear joy upon receiving such a thoughtful and useful gift!

5. June Home Supply, Milton Brook, Mortar & Pestle, 11cm, $52 CAD

In line with slow living values, your foodie friend who likes to take their time in kitchen will fall in love with this porcelain mortar & pestle that is made in the UK. The handle of the mortar is made from beechwood and the porcelain is left unglazed, giving an abrasive finish to the bowl, great for grinding and crushing herbs and spices.

6. Outstanding in the Field, Dinner, $285 USD

This incredible and one-of-a-kind experience will be the highlight of your foodie friend’s year. Outstanding in the Field offers epic dinner parties that are truly unlike any other. From 300-person beach side fine dining to long tables set up in the middle of a wheat field, the dinners, the company and the locations are all unbelievably outstanding. This radical restaurant alternative connects diners with the origins of their food, while celebrating the hardworking hands that feed us – farmers, chefs, cheesemakers, vintners & brewers. Find a unique experience to treat your friend to, and watch them become cult followers of this movement.

7. Flourist, Starter Flour Bundle, $34.95 CAD

Your foodie friend will love this starter bundle that includes everyday baking essentials, with 3 different flours. Flourist is devoid of any chemicals and bleaching, with a completely transparent supply chain. Their hand-crafted Austrain stone mill gently crushes grain at a low temp, producing highly-nutritious and delicious flour. They know exactly who farmed their wheat, working with some of Canada’s top farmers. Your foodie friend kneads and deserves the highest quality flour.

8. Two Tumbleweeds, Foodie Dice No 1 – Seasonal Dinners Pouch, $24 USD

These Foodie Dice are a fun way to shake up stale cooking routines. Providing inspiration for creating simple, seasonal meals, these dice have a protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient and a seasonal vegetable, with over 186,000 possible meal combinations to provide healthy inspiration in the kitchen! Each die is made from birch wood in the USA, and come in a cotton drawstring pouch.

9. Almond Cow, Nut Milk Maker, $264 USD – ARTI for $15 off

For the vegan foodie in your life, help them reduce their food footprint by reducing their reliance on store-bought nut milks that are wasteful in their packaging, and often full of fillers and additives. The Almond Cow is an easy way to create one’s own plant-based milk, seamlessly separating pulp from milk (no more straining required!). With the capability to make milks from any nut or oat, the Almond Cow is versatile, zero-waste, and long-lasting.

10. Brightland Olive, The Mini Essentials, $70 USD

For the foodie who loves artisanal goods, Brightland Olive Oils are the perfect gift. These oils are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, brain activating and heart healthy, promoting good gut health and digestion. The olives are sourced from the family-run farm in California, then used in the custom-blended oils. The beautiful bottles are made from glass that has been UV-coated to protect the oils from harmful light filtration, and are designed with award-winning artists. The foodie in your life will love the oil itself, as well as the bottle it comes in.

11. Diala’s Kitchen, $32 CAD

Written by food and travel writer, Diala Canelo, this vegetable-forward cookbook will be your foodie friend’s latest muse. Influenced by local flavours, fresh ingredients, and a passion for healthy meals made from scratch, Diala’s recipes embrace the beauty in simply prepared cooking. With over 100 recipes, your foodie friend will be busy all lockdown long.

12. The Muted Home, Glass Spice Jar Set, $124.99 USD

This set of glass spice jars with wooden lids makes the perfect gift for your foodie friend. With an airtight seal, the jars are made from borosilicate glass, topped with bamboo lids. Variations occur in each set, as the products are all handmade, using natural bamboo. Accompanying the jars is a standard pack of labels, as well as a mini olive wood spice spoon. For the foodie who loves organization, these jars are not just handy, but offer a certain muted elegance to the kitchen.

13. Our Place, The Always Pan, $145 USD – FORAGE10 for 10% off

A cult favourite in the foodie world, the Always Pan from Our Place is rapidly replacing other cookware on the market. This do-it-all wonder is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware – the fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula and spoon rest. The Always Pan is made without harmful PFOAS and PTFES, is non-toxic and made to last, not to mention incredibly cute. With all of us spending far more time at home, cooking, this gift couldn’t come at a better time. Help your foodie friend, especially the space-limited chef, make the most of this pan-demic.

14. Eat With Us, Cookbook, $35 CAD

Inviting us to take a more mindful approach to every meal, Eat With Us encourages us to disconnect from the outside world’s distractions and truly connect to each other and ourselves. From the co-creators and couple behind Chef Sous Chef, this cookbook will celebrate and elevate your foodie friend’s home cooking, with comfort recipes like Channa Curry with Coconut Milk, Fig Panzanella with Ricotta and Basil, and Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies – yum!

15. Wild Origins, Wild Foraged Dried Foods, $9.95-$15.95 CAD – FORAGE10 for 10% off on $50+

Founded on five generations of foraging and wild food preparation, Wild Origins delivers 100% natural and Canadian wild foods, striving to make wild food accessible and an everyday part of Canadian culture. Take your foodie friend’s culinary skills to the next level with this selection of sea foraged foods, and mushrooms found deep in the forests of Tofino. You can even go bigger and book a Culinary Adventure where you and your foodie friend will learn how to gather and forage for wild foods, followed by an outdoor meal prepared using the day’s bounty by founder and chef, Paul Moran.

16. Acid League, Living Vinegar, $15 USD

Introduce the foodie in your life to their newest obsession: gut-friendly gastronomy. Inspiring discovery through acidity, Acid League’s vinegars bring a healthy dose of fresh flavour with bold aromas and good gut health benefits. Vinegar flavours include Strawberry Rosé, Mango Jalapeño, Pink Peppercorn Honey Yuzu, and more! Having a deep understanding of flavour profiles and how taste and mouth feel influence our gastronomy experiences, your foodie friend’s culinary skills are about to go big league.

17. Polders Old World Market, Petite Serving Spoon, $69 USD

These stunningly beautiful kitchen utensils (aptly call dreamware) are hand-carved on this family farm from naturally fallen hardwoods found on the forest floor. Evoking feelings of times past where families would gather in the kitchen around a big pot of country stew, the foodie in your life will love these unique serving spoons and the thought of nourishing their loved ones.

18. Community Fridge Stocking Adventure

Some of the best gifts are the adventures you’ll have with your loved ones. Instead of a material gift that your foodie friend might not need, tap into the giving spirit of the holiday and give back to those who might not have access to food and nourishment. Make a day of it with the foodie in your life – hit up an independent grocery store and drop off fresh food and pantry staples to community fridges in your city. You can check out CF TO if you’re in Toronto, Freedge if you’re in NYC, or do a quick search for ones in your city.

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