Sustainable Gift Ideas for New Parents

November 19, 2021  •   2 min read


For the new parents in your life, help them get their nesting on with sweet gifts for themselves and for their new babe. We’re sharing sustainable gift ideas for the new parents and their babies, that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. The new parents in your life are sure to appreciate a gift that benefits others in a positive way, and one that is socially-responsible. Whether you choose to surprise them with a subscription to a monthly eco box, a beautiful hand-made doll that’s sure to become a family heirloom, or just by lending your support during a difficult time, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Living Apothecary, Hey Mama Tea, $14 CAD

Toronto-based Living Apothecary is an organic, loose-leaf herbal tea brand that infuses their blends with healing goodness. Transitioning into motherhood is a very sacred time in a woman’s life. Hey Mama Tea is meant to provide new mamas a comforting ritual that is nutritive, toning and calming. Red raspberry, oat straw and rosehips will help replenish any lost nutrients post-delivery, while lemon balm and chamomile will soothe the nervous system. A great gift to provide some respite and calm for the new mama in your life.

2. Dwell and Slumber, Classic Caftan, $62 USD

For the mama-to-be, providing ultimate comfort is key. Dwell + Slumber’s caftans are comfortable enough to sleep in, but stylish enough to wear out and about. These pieces are handcrafted and ethically made in the US, and are designed to fit during all stages of pregnancy, as well as postpartum. In an effort to reduce wasteful maternity clothing that can’t be worn after pregnancy, these caftans have a long-life, so your gift will keep on giving.

3. Adelisa and Co, Paseo Boots, $55 CAD

Founded by two best friends, one living in Vancouver and the other in Nicaragua, Adelisa & Co is committed to working directly with artisans in Nicaragua, paying fair wages to support families, and giving back to those in need. The brand donates 10% of proceeds to other young families in the country who are in need. These supple and soft leather booties are the perfect shoe for the little one in your life.

4. Odacité, Ba+S | Eye Contour with Rollerball, $65 CAD

For the new mama who is running on very little sleep, this soothing rollerball eye serum will be just the thing she needs to feel like herself again. Helping with feeling bright and awake, this serum is powered by antioxidant-rich baobab oil, known to reduce puffiness, and vitamins A, E and F, along with sarsaparilla, palmarosa, neroli and lavender oils, which help in erasing dark circles. The aroma is reassuring and uplifting, while the stainless-steel rollerball has an extraordinary cooling effect.

5. Mini Cycle, Gift Card, $25-100 CAD

Disrupting the wasteful fashion industry, Mini-Cycle sells new and preloved children’s wear, guaranteeing to buy it all back, creating a circular economy. Mini-Cycle sources their items (local, organic, fair trade) and assumes responsibility and ownership of the entire life-cycle. Your new mama friend will love this easy, sustainable service, being able to change up her baby’s look as it grows, with beautiful brands like Petit Bateau and Quincy Mae. Grab her a gift card and help her cut down on the immense waste that babies tend to generate

6. Merrilee Liddiard, Colette of Paris, $165 USD

Your new mama friend will fall in love with these beautiful dolls, handmade by Merrilee Liddiard. Each doll is hand-sewn with a hand-painted face, making them a unique work of art. Merrilee created these heirloom dolls out of her love for creative play. She’s been immersed in making magic out of the simple things in life from childhood, and wanted to create dolls that would be passed down in families for generations.

7. Karunaki, I Live Eco Subscription Box, $125 CAD + 

For the busy new mama who doesn’t have time to shop, a subscription to the I Live Eco Box is a fun and helpful gift to give this year. With practical products that are environmentally-conscious, your new mama friend will have access to a variety of trusted brands. Every box is filled with bed, bath, household and beauty products, with brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, The Ordinary, Osea, Sun Bum and more.

8. The Rose Company, Dry Shampoo, $28 CAD

For the new mama in your life who has come to regard hair washing as a rare luxury, this dry shampoo from The Rose Company will soon become her go-to. Vegan, toxin-free, and in compostable packaging, this dry shampoo contains essential oils such as rosemary, which helps stimulate hair growth, reduces headaches, and soothes inflammation – perfect for post-partum! Th unscented shampoo version has only 2 ingredients so she can rest easy, knowing her hair is being cleaned without any chemicals or additives.

9. Tane Organics, Kimono Onesie, $73 USD

Made from 100% organic cotton and low impact dyes, Tane Organic’s bestselling Kimono Onesie embraces clean lines and modern wardrobing, providing comfort and mobility for play. Given that baby’s skin is thinner and more porous, organic cotton clothing helps to limit exposure to harmful toxins. For the new mama in your life, pamper her and her little one with a piece that is meant to be passed down. Made by Peruvian artisans who are paid fairly, this sus-Tane-able onesie will be mama and baby’s wardrobe favourite.

10. The First Forty Days, $35 CAD

Taken from the leaflets of ancient Chinese medicine and traditional practices, The First Forty Days revives the lost art of caring for the mother after birth. Based on author Heng Ou’s own postpartum experience with “zuo yuezi”, a period of confinement in which a woman remains at home focusing on her healing and bonding with her baby, this book reimagines post-partum life from our current “bounce back” mentality to a source of connection, nourishment and guidance as they navigate this new stage of life. With healing recipes and supportive tips, the new mama in your life can adopt these practices for a more holistic transition.

11. Design Dua, Baby Baskets, $180 USD

Perfect for toting baby around the house or outside, these baby baskets are safety-tested, lightweight, hygienic and made from all-natural, pesticide-free elephant grass that is air-dried and handwoven. Design Dua supports the community of artisans that it works with in Ghana, providing fair wages and an opportunity to learn and enhance their skills. The Moses baskets are also designed to be used as home storage/décor post baby phase, prolonging its lifespan. Taking a step back into the natural way of things, the mama-to-be in your life will be the right kind of basket case upon seeing her gift!

12. Mushie, Baby Essentials, prices vary

This adorable brand will soon become mama and baby’s favourite, with a line of fun, essentials that are made to be passed down and long-lasting. Made with sustainable and eco-conscious materials, Mushie’s signature design is minimalist and modern, coming in at an accessible price range. Irritated gums can be soothed with their 100% non-toxic, food grade silicone teethers, pacifiers that are 100% BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, and baby toothbrushes that make teeth cleaning fun for both parents and tot. Tell your new mama friend how much you love her and don’t be afraid if you get a little Mushie.

13. Oistr, Baby Capsule Wardrobe, $100-$400 CAD

After realizing how incredibly unnecessary so much of newborn and baby clothing recommendations are, Sam, founder of Oistr decided to create sustainable baby capsules that consisted of all the clothes new babes actually need, and nothing more. Her gorgeous line of baby clothes is ethically-made in Canada, Spain (knitwear) and Lativa (accessories) by empowered women. From the softest onesies to the warmest sweaters, Oistr capsules are the perfect gift for your friends who are about to become new parents!

14. Apothékary, Adapotgen Powders, $55 USD – FORAGEANDSUSTAIN for 20% off

Wherever the new mama in your life is at on her pregnancy journey, the Baby Bloomer Set is the perfect way to provide nourishment when it’s needed most. From pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding, this set is thoughtfully curated to provide the heightened nutrients needed. Apothékary supplements are 100% natural, fair trade, sustainably-sourced and free of gluten, sugar and dairy. Apothékary is a true modern farmacy, helping to heal from the inside out.

15. Clan Mothers, Donation

For the new parents who already have everything, a donation to an impactful Indigenous organization will be a beautiful gift you can give, in honour of mamas everywhere. Indigenous communities have been traumatized by the ongoing systemic violence against women and children. They are victims of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, racism and unconscionable levels of domestic violence. Clan Mothers provides mid to long-term support for these women as they begin their healing journey. A donation to this organization in the name of your friends will be a gift that creates an unimaginably positive ripple effect.

16. Whom, Pet Cabana Bed, $175 USD

For the new fur parents-to-be, an eco-friendly bed for their fur baby is a great gift to welcome them into parenthood. This cabana bed is mindfully handmade in North America from natural materials like wood and linen, and will be the perfect luxe spot for the new fluffy addition. Stylish and cozy, this little bed will complement your friend’s space, along with their values. Whom factories operate on a zero-waste policy, with all materials being reused or recycled.

17. Lend Support

Sometimes, all a new parent needs, is some support in getting the most basic things done. Instead of a material gift, offering to drop off meals, cooking a hot dinner in their home, helping them clean and get organized, or even just watching babe so they can take a shower or to go appointments goes far beyond anything you could buy them. If time is short for you, you can always gift them a meal kit service, a home-chef service, a meal delivery gift card, a cleaning service, or even a post-natal doula to help with the emotional side of things. It takes a village!


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