Sustainable Gift Ideas for Colleagues

November 24, 2020  •   2 min read


With the start of a new year, and new decade looming before us, help your desk mate get excited for 2020 with these sustainable, thoughtful and fun gift ideas.  We’re sharing sustainable gift ideas for colleagues that have been curated and hand-selected for the highest quality and ethical & environmental manufacturing processes. Whether you choose to surprise them with a pair of funky, sustainable socks, or alcohol-infused popcorn, support sustainable gifting during the most indulgent time of year.  


1. Aerogarden, Harvest, $99 USD

For the colleague who is always working, an Aerogarden is two gifts in one. Give them some greenery and freshness to put on their desk – a great way to relieve stress and refocus after staring at a screen all day. The Aerogarden is also a way for your busy colleague to grow their own herbs that can be used in the kitchen later on. Who knows, as a thank you, maybe they’ll make you an after-work mojito.

2. Pela, Phone Case, $39 CAD

Made in Saskatchewan, Canada, these phone cases are biodegradable as they are made from plant fibres. Available in all sizes for all phone types, give your colleague a protective barrier for their phone, and one that won’t end up in a landfill when they upgrade. Pela is also part of the 1% for the Planet initiative where they donate a percent of sales to non-profit environmental organizations.

3. Block Shop Textiles, Scarf, $120 USD

Run by two sisters in LA, Block Shop Textiles ethically makes gorgeous scarves in small batches. Their scarves are made in Jaipur, India where they work with skilled craftsmen in a manual process. Using traditional Indian block prints and vegetable dyes, this scarf will keep your colleague warm in your always-too-cold office. The brand gives back 5% of profits to the Bagru Women’s Empowerment Program.

4. Keep Cup, Espresso, $34 CAD

A great gift for your coffee-guzzling co-worker, a Keep Cup is a reusable coffee cup, saving thousands of non-recyclable cups from the landfill. Keep Cup has complied with barista standards, meaning most coffee shops will gladly use them as the sizing is right. Many shops also give a small discount to those who bring in their own cups, so your colleague wins every time.

5. WAAM Industries, Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag, $30 USD

For the colleague who loves to bring their own lunch, WAAM Industries combines the reusable lunch bag with the nostalgic yet wasteful paper bag. These lunch bags are a modern take on the traditional paper bag and are made from durable cotton canvas which is waxed with a special beeswax blend to keep it strong and long-lasting. Your colleague will definitely be the cool kid in the lunch room with this swag.

6. Bee Keeper’s Naturals, B.LXR Brain Fuel, $29.99 CAD

For those office all-nighters spent burning the midnight oil, help your colleague fuel up, naturally. Bee Keeper’s Naturals’ B.LXR is a caffeine-free, nootropic fuel that your brain needs to fight brain fog, hack productivity, and naturally support memory, focus and energy. Bee Keeper’s sustainably hand-harvests their bee products, and the founder, Carly is a tireless advocate for the preservation of the waning global bee population.

7. Eatable Inc., Connoisseur’s Tasting Flight, $30-45 CAD – use code FORAGE5 for $5 off

Eatable Inc creates alcohol infused popcorn that will make work so much more fun. Eatable only uses all-natural ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, making them one of the cleanest yet most flavourful popcorn brands on the market. The popcorn is made with locally-sourced (Ontario), Non-GMO kernels, where traceability is clear. Eatable uses wines sourced from the Niagara region for their Champagne and Merlot flavours. Your colleague will love the Connoisseur’s Tasting Flight where they can pop the bubbly on a Friday night, and your boss will never know.

8. Joya, Elevate Loose Leaf Herbal Tea, $42 USD

Help your caffeine-addicted colleague kick their coffee habit with this invigorating tea that has all the energy-boosting properties and none of the coffee jitters. Awaken their minds to the adaptogenic power of Rhodiola and maca, earthy cacao and chicory. Loose leaf tea is the most sustainable way to drink tea and Joya is committed to environmental practices. Their containers are reusable, and they offer a 100% compostable pouch for when it’s time to refill.

9. W&P Design, Porter Ceramic Bowl, $40 USD

Say bye to BPA-leaching plastic Tupperware or wasteful zip lock bags. The Porter Bowl from W&P Design is a premium ceramic lunch bowl that features a protective silicone wrap, rigid lid, and snap-tight silicone strap. This bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA-free, FDA/LFGB approved, and Cal Prop 65 Compliant. The bowl also supports food education in New York City with a partnership with Edible Schoolyard. Your colleague will bowl over with excitement at their new strappy lunch container!

10. Thought, Winter Fruits Bamboo Sock Pack, £18

Bring some fun into the office with this winter fruit sock pack for your colleague. Made from super soft bamboo fibres, these socks are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and silky to the touch. That presentation might be giving them cold feet, but your gift will keep their toes toasty and breathing easy.

11. Evergreen Journals, The Habit Journal, $33 CAD – use code habitjournalgifting for 10% off

The Habit Journal by Evergreen Journals is the perfect gift for your data-loving co-worker. With a cover made from the oldest fabric in the world: linen, this biodegradable and beautiful plant-fibre journal is filled with FSC Certified paper and made using the precise German manufacturing that habit keeping thrives on. Helping to take a habit from vision to goal, this is the perfect 2021 resolution accountability tool that actually keeps your colleague on track.

12. Libro.FM, Audio Book Subscription, $14.99 USD/month

For your bibliophile co-worker, a subscription to is an ideal gift. While more popular audio book subscriptions like Audible are owned by Amazon, is independent and helps support local bookstores by making it possible for you to purchase audiobooks through them. Choose their membership duration, or opt for an à la carte listening experience. This gift will seamlessly take them from audit season to audio szn.

13. The Roasted Nut Company, Holiday Gift Box, $45 CAD

Hitting on our sense of nostalgia, The Roasted Nut Company is aiming to provide healthy snacks that taste indulgent. With a dry roasting process, these nuts are devoid of frying and unhealthy oils. Their holiday gift boxes come with a choice of 4 roasted nut packs or 2 nut packs and 2 nut butters. Beautifully designed, this gift box is tasteful, delicious and will be loved by the nuttiest of colleagues.

14. Drizzle, Honey, $17.99 CAD

Sweeten up the work day by gifting your co-worker some ethical Canadian honey. Drizzle bees collect pollen from remote, pristine fields, reducing the exposure to pesticides and gaining access to diverse, floral sources and nutrients. The taste is noticeably different. Drizzle ensures the protection of our vital bee populations, beekeepers and farmers, all of whom work to safeguard the health of our environment. One swish of this honey in your colleague’s tea and they’ll be as buzy as ever.

15. Ceremony Mushrooms, Sleep Tincture, $59 CAD

Did you know your body’s metabolic processes are impaired after just one night of poor sleep? For the colleague who is overworked and overtired, Ceremony Mushroom’s Sleep Tincture will be just the remedy they need to decompress and release nervous tension. Chock-full of amazing natural herbs such as Reishi mushroom, lemon balm, skullcap, wood betony, chamomile and more, your co-worker will soon be looking forward to their nighttime ceremony that gives them so mushroom to unwind.

16. Mala the Brand, Coffee Cream Candle, $35 CAD – FORAGE10 for 10% off

Light up your colleague’s work day with this coffee + clove scented candle from Mala the Brand, a quickly-growing sustainable candle brand. Hand-poured in small batches, this brand focuses on non-toxic materials – natural soy wax, crackling wooden wicks or lead-free cotton wicks, high-quality essential oils, recyclable tin jars, and every candle purchase plants a tree. Your co-worker will be clover-joyed to receive this gift!

17. Anima Mundi Herbals, Cacao, $9.75 USD

There’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day. Indulge your co-worker with this heirloom cacao from Anima Mundi Herbals. Raw, organic and single-origin, this cacao comes from a farm in Ecuador that has received recognition for high-standards and next-level quality. This cacao is an ancestral cultivation, meaning no foreign pollination or seeds were added in its reproduction (a rarity these days!). With 40x more antioxidants than blueberries, raw cacao can be used in many recipes and drinks, perfect for the health-conscious colleague who loves a good treat.

18. The Kind Curator, Gift Box, $60-$100 CAD

Whether you choose from a curated gift box or create your own custom one, The Kind Curator’s collection of consciously curated gift boxes are the perfect, hassle-free gift to give your work bestie. Depending on your co-worker’s interests, you can choose from boxes that target self-care, glowing health, relaxation, or eco-living. With a focus on small, sustainable businesses, each product is handpicked by the founder herself, and is sure to be the most unique gift your colleague receives. Think out of the box this year, by thinking…inside of it!

19. The Winter Elephant, Silk Scarf, $93 CAD – FORAGE15 for 15% off

Keep your desk buddy warm this year with a scarf that doubles as a gorgeous evening wrap. Silk scarves by The Winter Elephant are feather-light, incredibly high-quality and made to last, with silk being a versatile fabric that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These scarves are ethically handmade in India, using 100% fair-trade, traceable labour, made using traditional practices by expert craftsmen. Help your co-worker easily transition from work day to work event.

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