Sustainable, Black-Owned Businesses

October 1, 2020  •   4 min read

This post has been written by our guest contributor: Gabrielle Hickmon


Amid renewed attention on the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, many have wondered what they can do to support Black lives, creativity, and culture in their homes and through the lifestyle choices they make. Some have worked to intentionally diversify their social media feeds by following more Black creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Others have taken to the streets to protest for Black lives. Many have bought anti-racism books and taken steps to educate themselves as well as their families and friends on systemic racism and ways they may contribute to the oppression of Black people. All of these means of supporting Black life are important, but in our capitalist society, one really important way to uplift Black lives is by shopping with Black-owned businesses, bonus points if they are small and sustainable! 


Black people have traditionally cared about the planet, grown our own food, up-cycled or passed down our clothing, created beauty and other products at home, and practiced sustainability, yet small, sustainable Black-owned businesses tend to have less visibility in the sustainability space. This is a shame because it prevents Black people from tapping into their own ancestral ways of knowing, communing with the natural world, and providing for themselves while also disadvantaging Black-owned businesses and individuals who are doing the work to save our planet and reimagining how we can live our lives sustainably. 


In order to make it easier for you to add Black-owned products into your home, beauty routine, closet, and lifestyle, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite sustainable Black-owned brands. These brands may be vegan, non-toxic, use dead-stock fabric, give new life to vintage items, have recycling programs, or use closed loop production processes. 


Just remember, this list is by no means exhaustive! Consider it a place to start in your efforts to support Black-owned businesses and sustainability at the same time. 




Beauty, Skin & Bodycare

Eu’Genia Shea


Apprenti Ôr’ganik

Nola Skinsentials

Hanahana Beauty

Rosen Skincare

Triple O Polish

Range Beauty

The Lip Bar



Random and Chic


Washington Ave

The Tiny Closet Shop




Want Les Essentiels

Nikki & Mallory

Tree Fairfax



Home Goods and Decor

The Jungalow

Clare Paint

Estelle Colored Glass

Ardor Bin

Mass Over Matter

Brwn Collective



Personal Care

Celsious Laundry

Bôhten Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Ruby Love

Reel Paper

The Honey Pot

Motiva Organics




Blk + Grn


About the Author

A model for Black girls who live on the road, Gabrielle Hickmon is a writer, creative director, and strategist who rarely finds herself in one place for too long. Her writing has appeared in Condé Nast TravelerThe Baffler Magazine, ZoraLiterary Hub, and more. She’s also newly vegan and has always been obsessed with vintage clothing, accessories, and home goods. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her saving ideas she loves on Pinterest or planning her next trip. 

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