N A T U R A L  D Y E I N G 

Saturday, September 21, 2019


N A T U R A L  D Y E I N G 

Saturday, September 21, 2019 – sold out


We’ve collaborated with the incredible ladies behind Wild Woven Collection to bring you a full-day workshop centred around natural dyeing, foraging and connection. Our day will be spent outside of the chaotic city life, up north at a quiet, expansive farm property in Whitchurch-Stouffville. With 100-acres of forest, a bubbling creek, an apple orchard, and lush botanicals, we’ll spend our day learning from Katelyn and Christine about the process of using nature to gently and beautifully dye linens. Guests will learn two different types of dyeing methods, and will have the chance to dye their own linen dishcloths and silk scarves, using the methods they have learned. We will learn about sustainability and the benefits of earthing and forest bathing from Arti, where she will lead us in a mindful forest walk, where we will ground, meditate and leave our stresses behind under a thick canopy of trees. Katelyn and Christine will help us identify plants, help us learn about colours and show us how to dye our own linen and silk textiles.

With a rustic fire pit, sprawling healthy lunch spread, tea, and a chance to connect with like-minded people, our workshop will be a retreat – an amazing time of collaboration, mindfulness and creative expression. 


D E T A I L S 

W H E N:

Saturday, September 21, 2019
11am – 4pm


W H E R E:

Willowgrove Farm, Whitchurch-Stouffville


W H O:

Arti from Forage and Sustain, alongside Katelyn and Christine from Wild Woven Collection
This workshop is for anyone who is looking to step outside of the ordinary, have a day of slow living, meaningful connection, and time spent outdoors. Our workshop is designed to help us reconnect with the earth, and learn why we need to step away from our screens more and embrace the natural world we live in. So many of us are seeking community and find it hard to meet new people living in the city, so we’re aiming to bring people together in a way that lets us learn a new craft while gorging on delicious eats under a dense forest.
We welcome anyone and everyone, no previous skills required in natural dyeing. 

  • Arrival tea + homemade GF edible flower cookies
  • Nature walk and a talk on sustainable living, taught by Arti
    • What is Forest Bathing and How to Do It?
    • What is Earthing and Why is it Important?
    • A Guided Mini Forest Meditation
  • Natural dyeing demonstration + 2 hands-on tutorials dyeing a linen dishcloth and a silk scarf, taught by Katelyn and Christine
    • Foraging for Botanicals – to use in our bundles, and to learn how to identify plants
    • Tutorial 1: Bundle Dyeing using Foraged Botanicals (flowers, herbs, leaves, etc.)
    • Tutorial 2: Dip Dyeing using Pantry Scraps (onion skins, avocado pits, etc.)
  • A healthy lunch spread by The Living Platter – GF + Vegan options available
  • Goodie Bags valued at $194. Sponsors include:


D O E S  N O T  I N C LU D E :

Transportation to venue is not included. If you are in need of assistance in reaching the farm, please contact us as we’d be happy to help you find ways on getting there! 


*Due to limited spots, we will not be offering any refunds on cancellations

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