Dear Body, I’m So Sorry

March 8, 2018  •   1 min read

This post has been written by our guest contributor: Nina Blagojevic


I used to think that the only women who liked their bodies were thin, athletic, or both.


Ask anyone that knows me and “athletic” would not make the list of top 10 (or 25) words used to describe me.


Since neither thin nor athletic were me, in my mind, it was impossible for me to ever like being in my own skin without serious dedication to exercise and dieting.


Fast forward to today. I’m now someone that (most of the time) feels really comfortable in, and genuinely likes, her body. And it’s no thanks to dieting or intense workout regimes.


About a year and a half ago I promised myself that I’d learn how to love me. My body, my quirks, the things that make me Nina.


I committed to building a relationship with myself that was rooted in fierce self-compassion. A relationship that wasn’t pushy or rigid but gentle, kind, and easy.


I’ve made a lot of changes since then. Changes like ditching my scale, cancelling my gym membership and coming up with a new answer to “what do I love about my body?” every day for a month.


I also wrote my body a letter. It felt silly and awkward at first but I love that letter. I have it saved to my phone and on days when my commitment to compassion feels like a stretch, I reread the letter and it reminds me of how far I’ve come.


I want more women to feel at home in their bodies. To start a new relationship with themselves. Because for the first time in my life I truly believe that that’s possible.


So, I’m sharing my letter in hopes that it sparks some wonder about writing your own, even if it feels squirmy and weird.


Dear Body,

It’s understandable that you feel unsure and insecure. You’ve spent most of your existence being told that you’re not good enough. Of course, you feel beat up. Of course, you feel hesitant. You’ve been a victim, you didn’t do anything wrong and you didn’t deserve what happened to you.

I’m so sorry.

Trust is earned and I’ve lost yours. I made promises and I broke them, over and over again. It’s reasonable for you to doubt me at this point and, I’m committed to showing you that I adore and honour you. That I’m on your team. I’m going to show up for you from now on, even when it’s easier to fall back to familiar habits. And in moments or on days when things get hard and familiar thought patterns kick in, I’ll apologize sooner and ask for forgiveness faster.

From now on I promise to let you breathe comfortably, without sucking in and trying to hide belly rolls and love handles. I promise to ask how much you want to eat, and to honour your answer.  I promise to move in ways that you crave. I promise to nourish you with belly laughs, fresh air, and stillness.

You are my home, and I am yours.

I love you.


About the Author

Nina Blagojevic, a guest contributor for Forage and Sustain, is a life coach based out of Vancouver. A “keeper of secrets”, Nina’s life purpose is to be a safe space, allowing anyone to be whomever they wish to be, without judgement or agenda. She helps women let go of the guilt and shame they feel around food, so they can start feeling at home in their bodies. Nina aims to live a life full of curiosity, freedom, connection and magic.


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