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“Arti played a pivotal role in harmonizing my brand’s image through compelling copy and content. Her remarkable talent lies in transforming grand ideas into actionable strategies that yield focused outcomes. As a live sounding board, she cultivates a secure environment for candid dialogues on future ambitions, current hurdles, and inventive concepts, infusing the entire process with an enjoyable and captivating essence. 


I’m absolutely thrilled with the results of collaborating with Arti, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to businesses seeking to elevate their brand. She has exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!”

Anne Peacock

The Playful Peacock


“Arti – what a beautiful document you shared, and so incredibly helpful. I’ve been in a full-on work mode since our call – thank you so much for the inspiration, guidance, support, and your expertise!”

Christine Duross

Christine Duross


“Time well spent with Arti!  We knew we wanted to expand the imprint of sustainability in all our communications – Our vision of how best to do this was crystallized in every way in our meeting!  Arti put things in perspective in an easy to understand way, with practical advise on how to implement all relevant aspects!  Thank you Arti!”

Edward Pickering

Shed Chetwyn


“I booked a session with Arti to focus on a specific pain point in my business, and I was blown away by the thoughtful ideas and guidance Arti brought into our conversation. She not only gave me the practical advice I was seeking, but she also read between the lines to sense what the deeper issue was. I felt seen and supported as a business owner, and now have helpful tools and next steps to implement as I move forward. Arti exceeded my expectations and it was such a delight to work with her.”

Rebecca Magee

Sister Seasons


“Arti’s coaching provided the direction I needed to enhance my Instagram content and boost engagement. Her process began with a series of probing questions which helped align my IG account and podcast; from there Arti combined a series of straightforward, easy-to-implement steps to pattern and stylize my account, with “bigger-picture” insights that helped define my brand’s purpose. Very happy with my results!”

Eamonn McKay

Nutrition History, From Parts Unknown Podcast


“Arti was an absolute wonder to work with. As a brand that relies on gifted cultural practices, it was very important to us to weave in cultural sensitivity and appreciation into the brand. Arti really broke it down into tangible steps with wonderful ideas and examples. Not only is Arti very knowledgeable, but so lovely to work with. Helpful and very positive in her approach to finding ways to approach what can be a sensitive topic. We could not recommend her more.”

Sam Molyneux

Ceremony Mushrooms


“I had the pleasure of working with Arti as I was expanding my lifestyle and well-being brand, Embiria. Arti brings such an incredible perspective to everything she touches – with her keen eye for building a beautiful brand aesthetic, to her unique and creative ideas, and extensive knowledge about what it takes to stand out in an ever-changing social media landscape. Not to mention, she’s just a great human.


Arti offered helpful suggestions, strategies and next steps for me to grow my business and expand in new and exciting ways! I highly recommend working with Arti if you’re looking to build and grow your business.”

Palak Dave



“Arti is a wealth of knowledge. As a new business owner, she helped develop a strategy based on the major and very attainable things to raise more awareness for my business. I would highly recommend her for anyone, especially those just starting out, who aren’t sure where to get started and how to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.” 

Sarah Beatty



“Thank you very much for the Conscious Consulting session. I truly felt your understanding of my brand, and I appreciate the strategies we discussed to pivot my original business plan to something that suits me and my passions more authentically. Being an entrepreneur can feel like an isolating and solo mission so connecting with you – a person whose values and on-line community I greatly admire – was the precise reassurance and inspiration I needed.


Thank you for helping me identify and find my place within sustainability and wellness. Change, when mandated by extenuating circumstances, can feel like a compromise but in this case, it presented many opportunities I was having a hard time seeing. Your practical and insightful suggestions provided much-needed clarity during this period of transition for my brand. I came away ready to fly!”

Pauline Matterson

Ethos Pathos


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