Benefits of Using Clay for the Skin

March 7, 2019  •   3 min read


An antiquated beauty practice that has seen a resurgence in recent times, clay masks date back thousands of years, across many continents and cultures.


5000 years ago, on the Indian subcontinent, the ancient wellness traditions rooted in Ayurvedic medicine saw both men and women using face and body masks called ubtan (a clay mixture), as well as haldi (turmeric) masks, both of which are still widely used today, with a haldi ceremony being a ritual for brides on their wedding day.


Over on the Nile, ancient Egyptians took great care of their physical appearance, often applying face masks of clay to preserve and cleanse their skin. Cleopatra, revered for her incredible beauty and natural skincare practices, applied a dead sea mud mask twice a week to cleanse her skin.


In modern times, we’re often so busy that we forgo ritualistic skincare, an effect that wreaks havoc on both our physical and mental well-being. Reclaiming time for ourselves is important, and a reason why #selfcare narratives are on the rise. I’ve collaborated with Eluo, a Canadian company that believes that to cleanse is to be mindful, to remain present and to engage all of your senses. Elevating the simple daily ritual of cleansing with luxurious exfoliating masks and polishes, Eluo is inspired by the ancient beauty practices of cultures that came before. Seamlessly blending slow, age-old skincare within a modern dialogue, Eluo digs deep into the earth to bring us clays that naturally refresh and restore.



Clay has been used for centuries by ancient cultures to soothe skin, promote healing, and to detoxify the body. Formed from the earth, each clay is comprised of a unique mineral composition transformed by geography and environmental elements over time. Whether cleansing, exfoliating or soothing, clays are a true multi-tasking ingredient.



In formulating our masks, the most significant property of clay for skincare comes from its ability to cleanse pores. When activated with water, clay molecules get a negative electrical charge, functioning as a magnet that detoxifies positively charged microparticles from the door of every pore.




Some clays have the ability to absorb up to 50 times their weight in moisture! As your clay mask sets, it absorbs excess natural sebum production to help balance your complexion.



Clays gently stimulate circulation to areas of application, supplying vital nourishment to the surface of your skin. Not only does it draw excess oil and bind to impurities, it also pulls blood, supplying vital nourishment to the surface of your skin to promote healing and regeneration.



The ultra-fine granules of colloidal clay gently exfoliate to remove dead skin and stimulate your natural cell cycle to transform the texture and reduce surface impurities.


Set aside some time for yourself every week (twice a week if possible), to bask in the quiet moments of self-care, in mindfulness, and in allowing yourself to be fully present while the natural elements of the earth work on your skin.

This post is in collaboration with Eluo. With stringent requirements, I only work with brands whose visions and ethos align with my own. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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