Forage and Sustain is committed to bringing you brands that fit our ethos. We spend time curating and selecting companies and organizations that we think are killing it in their industry. While not every brand will satisfy all requirements, we choose the ones that are contributing to the world in a positive way, and that have a bigger sense of the global community, aside from just making a profit.


Things that we ask ourselves when foraging a brand or company are:


Is it sustainable, environmental or eco-friendly?

Sustainability is in our name, so naturally we love companies that are making sustainable products or experiences. Some of the things we look for are companies with green certifications, materials that are recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable, products made with zero to low waste, products that have a life after they’ve been used, resorts or hotels that live off the land, use renewable energy, and have low water-wastage and use, and brands/accommodations that emit low greenhouse gases.


Is it ethical?

We look for companies and brands that are committed to good ethics. This includes cruelty-free facilities, fair wages for all employees and workers, no animal-testing, responsible removal of waste, responsible treatment and respect of local communities, and a genuine effort to make a positive impact on the world.


Does it have a positive social impact?

We love labels that aim at bettering the world through their positive social impact. We look for brands that are contributing directly, or via charities to provide water and food for those in need, to empower women, to helping our oceans and seas, to helping wildlife and animals find shelter and care, to help fund micro loans for people in developing countries, to help fund children’s education, to help bring needed supplies to devastated areas, and that hire locals as employees.


It it locally-made?

Supporting local business is the best way to bring prosperity to an area. We look for companies that are independently-owned small-businesses that are farm to table. The creative process, the sourcing of local materials, the story and reasoning behind the creation are the fibre of these businesses, and supporting them helps us all.


Is it authentic?

When it comes to travel and experiences, we want the real deal. We look for hotels/accommodations/excursions that will give you an authentic taste of the country you’re visiting, all while remaining true and respectful to the local culture, people and environment.






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