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Forage and Sustain is a destination dedicated to spiritual ecology – mapping our personal soul work with that of our earth. Through ancestral teachings, ecological stewardship, conscious living, grounding energy and meaningful storytelling, Forage invites us to chart the course of our celestial beings, and nestle into the earth we come from, with a common intention of making the world and our future, better.

Our community is comprised of passionate, information-hungry individuals who are micro-activists, creating change from the ground up. By making better choices in the everyday, we deepen our personal relationships to the earth and to each other. We believe that in order to create change globally, we first have to create change within ourselves. The relationship that you have with yourself sets the tone for your relationship with everything else.


Through online guidesimmersive workshops, intuitive courses, coaching and consulting for small businesses, and authentic brand partnerships, Forage and Sustain helps us understand how we can begin to make sustainability widely accessible.


We hope to create a new generation of conscious individuals who rise above the status quo, who look beyond the surface, and who are determined to do their part in being active agents of social change. It all starts with just one decision over another.


R A D I C A L 
R E C I P R O C I T Y  


“Radical reciprocity is a way of being that embraces all aspects of community and collectivism. When we are radically reciprocal, our thinking changes to include the needs of ourselves and the collective at the same time, creating systems of real change that surpass transactional exchanges, and instead, deeply observes kindness, reverence, love, respect and care, for the betterment of all.”

Arti Jalan

Founder, Forage and Sustain


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Forage and Sustain goes beyond the surface, placing a high value on sustainable efforts that are actually making positive change. We care about ethics, the human cost in product manufacturing, regenerative agriculture, spiritual ecology, circularity, the local economy, environmental footprints, and understanding what the best way to move forward is, not just the easiest or most desirable. When we partner and work with brands, we highly curate our selection, choosing those that have a bigger sense of the global community, aside from just making a profit.


For us, sustainability isn’t just about environmentalism. We care deeply about social sustainability, which, at its core, looks at the societal structures in place that allow people to actually thrive, not just survive. Social sustainability takes things like equity, culture, job opportunities, safety, access, living wages, and well-being into account, which are all contributors to what a supportive and healthy society look like. We believe that when we take care of the people within our communities, it creates a ripple effect that sends waves of goodness outwards, helping to create better ways of being, and thus, better futures.



We believe in complete transparency when it comes to how we show up in this space, or in how we determine who to work with. In an industry that is murky at best when it comes to mixing profit with sustainability, transparency in a brand and business is a key defining factor of their standards, ethics and true impact. We place high value on visibility and transparency, and we’re committed to showing up from a space that is rooted in integrity and authenticity, characteristics that are intrinsic to the ethos of Forage and Sustain.



We hope to create a space that is open, where takeaways and learnings can be gathered by all who care as deeply about systems change as we do, as well as getting the most change-resistant amongst us to find accessible ways to approach transformation. We know that the sustainability space can not only be inaccessible when it comes to product cost, but it is also dominated by a singular demographic. We want to change that, and create a space that is accessible to everyone, especially to the native and traditional stewards of our planet who hold deep cultural knowledge of the land, yet have largely been left out of the conversation.



We cannot have true sustainability without interconnectedness and diversity, and until we consider all voices, especially those that have been marginalized. Fostering a community of conscious individuals is synonymous with the advocacy for Black, Indigenous and POC folx, the LGBTQIA community, feminism, and proper, fair and just representation.



Forage and Sustain is an open, safe and inviting space for everyone to participate in meaningful conversations. When we show up with kindness, we allow room for error, imperfection, and raw humanism. Extending kindness outwards helps us thrive as a collective, and helps us uplift others. We choose to embody compassion, which allows us to listen and learn, and thus, progress and evolve in more inclusive and meaningful ways.



In a circular system, we are powered by the gift economy – a beautiful, spiritual exchange interconnecting all living things and plant matter. Kindness, reverence, love, respect, care – the pennants that define a healthy relationship amongst humans are the same that we must practice within our natural ecosystems. By encouraging and ensuring a cyclical response to consumption, we can start to break ground in the preservation of our planet and species.


We believe that reciprocity doesn’t just relate to physical consumption, but also to action. When we take from marginalized cultures, traditional practices and Indigenous learnings, we must ensure we honour, respect, credit, uplift and amplify those that came before us and that have gifted us with their knowledge, in a way that is truly and radically reciprocal.



With an emphasis on visual appeal, Forage and Sustain demonstrates that sustainability doesn’t have to compromise on aesthetics. In fact, the materials that are found in nature and products that are made with intention, are far more alluring and hold energetic vibrations that products produced en masse lack. Our deep respect for traditional craftsmanship, the work of artisans, and a cultured, discerning eye, helps shape how we integrate into our work.


Quiet beauty and artistry are things we look for in the brands we partner with, as well as in our own branding and aesthetic appeal. We believe that art and beauty are fundamental to how we perceive the world, and quite simply, bring us joy and a sense of calm. In a world with too much noise, overstimulation, and jarring imagery, we aim to bring forth storytelling, products, ideas, and visuals that serve as a function of refuge. That which encourages beautiful, slow, and intentional living, is our jam.


F O U N D E R 


Arti Jalan

Arti founded Toronto (Tkaronto) – based Forage and Sustain at the end of 2017, after years of freelance writing and running her boutique paperie, Owl and Oak.


From studying political science at a top French university, to working in marketing for a Shanghai-based start-up whose aim was to redefine what “Made in China” meant, to working as a social media consultant for a luxury home goods atelier in Mumbai that worked directly with artisans and traditional craftsmen, Arti’s global experiences have deeply shaped how she sees the world and our economy.


After learning about the Red Light District in Mumbai’s slums, Arti volunteered for the NGO Kranti, where she lent her exceptional writing skills to help the foundation receive funding, go on tour, as well as help the daughters of sex workers rise out of cycles of poverty to get placements at universities.


Growing up as a child to Indian immigrant parents, Arti learned first-hand the benefits of Ayurvedic wellness and spiritual oneness, with deep cultural understandings and learnings engrained into her being. The practice of reciprocity, community care, and slow living are inherent to traditional Indian culture, something that Arti blends seamlessly into her work at Forage. As a first-generation WOC in the sustainability space, Arti hopes to create opportunity for more diversity, inclusivity and representation, as well as amplifying the voices and practices of her lineage.


Having completed trainings in diversity inclusion, cross-cultural communication, herbalism and manifestation, Arti brings her expert knowledge on marketing, branding, and social media to the table with a feminine, gentle, and intuitive approach. Arti has a deep desire to see small businesses succeed, wary of a world dominated solely by large conglomerates and corporations. Pulling from ancient teachings, inner guidance, wit and whimsy, her unique and grounding grace to her coaching and consulting services results in a supportive and fulfilling exchange.



Forage and Sustain is privileged to operate from Tkaronto/Toronto, which is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, including the Haudenosaunee, and Huron-Wendat (Wyandot) Peoples.

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