8 Sustainable Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding


July 5, 2018  •   3 min read


With the temperatures rising and the sun shining, we’ve officially kicked off summer wedding season. Buying multiple fancy dresses for all the events you have to attend can get wasteful pretty quickly, especially seeing as you’ll most likely only wear the dress once (cuz, Instagram, am I right?). If buying second-hand or borrowing isn’t your jam, here are 8 sustainable dresses that you can wear to a summer wedding.

These dresses are ethical and eco-conscious, made with intention and quality. The best part is they’re versatile enough to wear in multiple ways at multiple events, eliminating the one-time-wear fate that most wedding dresses are subject to.


Christy Dawn

HQ: Los Angeles, USA

The Look We Love: The Autumn Dress Midnight Rose

Why We Love Them: Christy Dawn makes dreamy sustainable dresses that can be dressed up or down. Made entirely from dead stock fabrics, this brand uses runoffs from the fashion industry, which would otherwise be destined to a lifetime in a landfill. Rescuing perfectly good fabric from the cutting room floor and turning them into gorgeous, unique designs, each style has only a few pieces made. You definitely won’t be seeing anyone wearing the same dress as you!



HQ: San Francisco, USA

The Look We Love: Seersucker One-Shoulder Dress

Why We Love Them: With minimalism at its core, Cuyana believes in fewer, better things. Ethically crafted by artisans around the world, you can match your dress with your bag. The minimalist in you will love the clean-cut lines and well-made essentials, taking your dress this summer from wedding to bar to picnic.


Amanda Moss

HQ: Montreal, Canada

The Look We Love: Stella Watercolour

Why We Love Them: Handmade pieces in small-batches, Amanda makes her dresses out of her Montreal studio. With an emphasis on ethical production, Amanda Moss focuses on silhouette, with the intention of evoking a strong sense of timeless femininity. These dresses can easily double as work attire and or be worn out on the town.


Laura Siegel

HQ: Toronto, Canada

The Look We Love: Jersey Oversized Dress

Why We Love Them: Employing artisans from rural villages all over the world, Laura Siegel revives traditional cultural craft in a modern design aesthetic. Ensuring ethical working conditions, living wages, and mentorship programs on wealth management, business practices, and sustainable living, this brand makes products in small-batches to eliminate excess waste. Choose from gorgeous dresses or jumpsuits to really make a statement at your summer wedding.



HQ: Los Angeles, USA

The Look We Love: Persimmon Dress

Why We Love Them: Reformation is a leader in ethical and sustainable dresses, making headlines with celebrities as well. This eco-fashion label makes their dresses from rescued dead stock fabrics, repurposed vintage clothing, and sustainable materials like Tencel, Modal and Viscose. In cute patterns and in a variety of designs, buy one or all your summer dresses here!


Hackwith Design

HQ: Minnesota, USA

The Look We Love: Midi-Reversible Wrap Dress

Why We Love Them: With all of these beautiful pieces made in studio in America, Hackwith Design ensures fair wages and ethical working conditions for their workers. Doing their part in sustainable fashion, Hackwith often only starts production on a piece once an order has been placed, to ensure low-waste and intentional design. With a range of beautiful designs, you can be sure your Hackwith dress will be a staple in your closet.


Eileen Fisher

HQ: New York, USA

The Look We Love: Hand-Painted Silk Dress

Why We Love Them: Made in a fair-trade environment using sustainable materials and practices, Eileen Fisher is a leader in ethical clothing. Ensuring fair working wages for their all their workers, this brand believes in social and environmental justice. With a long-term vision of sustainability, Eileen Fisher aims to have 100% organic cotton fibers, responsible dyes, positive operations and a zero-waste facility, all by 2020. The sustainable dresses from this brand are minimalist, easily transferable from event to event, and can be worn in a multitude of ways.



HQ: Montreal, Canada

The Look We Love: Bamboo Jersey Tank Dress

Why We Love Them: With a line of entirely handcrafted clothing, Audrey, the owner of Ovate makes everything herself in her Montreal studio, alongside her assistant Gabrielle. With an editorial feel of bygone romanticism and poetic beauty, these sustainable dresses are made from the earth’s best materials – linen, cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. There’s nothing quite as comfortable and unique as an earth-friendly dress on a hot summer wedding day.


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