6 Practices for Autumn Wellness

October 5, 2017  •   2 min read


The fall always seems to be a busy time. Those languid summer days are behind us, and school, work, and social events all seem to take precedence in our lives. Making time for self-care and slowing down is essential in keeping ourselves healthy. By observing nature, we should remember to change our vibrational frequencies with the symbolism of the seasons. Autumn is all about change, balance, comfort, preservation, and letting go. By inviting these intentions into our lives, we can ensure we function at our best selves during this transitional time. Here are 6 practices for autumn wellness that you can try this season.


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1. Eat What’s in Season: While this should be practiced every season, it is particularly important during autumn, as this time is all about the harvest. Local farmer’s markets will be abundant in hearty vegetables and fruits, so fill up your basket with fresh pumpkins, gourds, parsnips, squash, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, turnips, apples, pears and figs. Think dishes like creamy pumpkin soup, flakey apple pies, kale and walnut salads, cranberry chutney, caramelized pears and honey, rosemary parsnips, figs and goat cheese tarts, and toasted pumpkin seeds. Not only are these colourful root vegetables incredibly nourishing, but by consuming them, you are absorbing the energy of the earth and grounding yourself to the vitality of the season.


2. Embrace Oils: This season is all about nourishing your body, inside and out. With your seasonally-inspired meals, don’t be afraid to add extra oil and healthy fats. Grass-fed butter, olive oil, ghee, coconut oil, and sesame oil are all great ways to increase your internal lubrication. Nourish the outside of your body as well. Sesame oil or almond oil massages are wonderfully soothing and relaxing, giving your skin the extra drop of moisture it needs to stay supple and warm during the transition to cooler temperatures.


3. Boost Your Immunity: The transition in seasons is generally considered “cold or flu season.” Protect yourself this year by boosting your immunity. Pump yourself full of the bounty of Mother Nature – ginger tea, E3 Live, bee propolis, turmeric lattes, vitamins D and C, Echinacea, elderberry tincture, lemon water – these are all energizing and immunity-boosting secrets that will keep you feeling like your best self this fall.


4. Define Your Root Purpose: As with the harvest, this season is about staying rooted. We consume root vegetables, the leaves fall away and we’re left with the energy of roots in trees and plants. So using this vibe, take some time to slow down and connect with your own inner root. Define your purpose, the things that make you happy, add value to your life, and the things that energize you. Make time for mindful meditation and set intentions for the important things you want to harvest this season.


5. Move Slowly: Autumn can be hard on the physical body with the cooler temperatures coming in. To maintain warmth within your being and to be mindful of the change in the air, engage in slower movement activities like yoga. You will generate heat within you but not overexert your already hard-working body. Opting to go for nature walks and hikes is also a great, slower-paced way to embrace the outdoors and help you feel grounded.


6. Sleep with the Natural Cycles: With the onset of autumn, animals begin to prepare for winter and their long-awaited hibernations. Taking a cue from these signals, we should remind ourselves to sleep with the natural cycles of the earth and sun. With the shorter days, taking time to unwind before bed and sleeping earlier than our late summer routine will help us align ourselves to the season and allow us to be fully rested.


Make autumn your time for self-care and nourishment. Align yourself with the energy of the earth and slow down this harvest season.



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