5 Thoughtful Experiences as Gifts

July 9, 2019  •   2 min read

Living a conscious and low-waste lifestyle can get in the way when we have to get gifts for others. Often times, registries and wish lists are chock-full of products we’d normally never buy, and come with a ton of excess packaging. As a way to connect deeper with our friends and family, we should be mindful of the gifts we give, and open up their eyes to experiences they might not engage in otherwise. For the friends who are already conscious beings, these gifts will be well-received. Instead of a product or material gift, choosing an experience that can be done together is something that will be lasting and memorable.

Here are 5 thoughtful experiences as gifts to give. They work great for bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and truly, any celebration.


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1. Workshops:

Millennials across the globe are seeking community, connection and new experiences. A great gift idea for a friend is a workshop. Together, you can attend a workshop of your interest, and this is a great way to spend time with a loved one, try something new, and connect deeper with yourself and others who are like-minded. Whether you attend the workshop together, or gift it to your friend, this low-waste present will be memorable and appreciated.


Here in Toronto, we love Embiria – a WOC-owned curated experience company that organizes workshops that are unique, thoughtful and that spark creativity and conversation. Choose from Yoga + Brunch, Macramé Making, Calligraphy 101, Watercolour Painting, Cookie Decorating, Business Coaching, and more. They also do gift cards so you can buy your friend a ticket to any workshop of their choosing!


Find similar workshop ideas in your city, and turn a material gift into something far more fun!


2. Museum or Art Gallery:

For the culture enthusiast, a membership to a local museum or art gallery is a great gift to give. We don’t often buy these things for ourselves, so having it gifted is a really special and thoughtful way to honour a friend and their interests. This type of membership not only gives them the opportunity to visit their favourite galleries on a whim, but it also gives them time to themselves, where they can wander and observe, taking some mindful time out of their day, purely for joy and fun.


3. Forest Bathing:

A budget but profound gift to give might be something as simple as planning a forest bathing day for you and your loved one. We don’t usually spend enough time in nature, so pre-planning a jaunt through the woods is a thoughtful and healing gift to give someone you love. While forest bathing is generally done in silent contemplation, having a companion walk with you under a tree-lined canopy can be therapeutic and grounding. This might be a wonderful gift to give a mom-to-be who needs some extra love but who needs slow movement, a friend who is stressed, or someone you haven’t spent time with in a while. Amp it up by having a picnic after, where you can relax and soak in the lush greenery.


4. Meditation:

We all know that yoga is amazing for our health, and many of us regularly seek out classes. Mediation is on the rise however, as we’re beginning to realize that our mental, spiritual and emotional health is just as important as our physical. With studios dedicated to meditation popping up everywhere, this might be a really thoughtful gift to give. Another thing we might not buy for ourselves but that is so appreciated when received, a pass to a meditation studio can help align your friend’s chakras, and give you both something meaningful to do together.


We love the studio Hoame, here in Toronto. This bright, airy meditation center is dedicated to helping busy people find balance, calm, peace and relaxation. With light and dark rooms, self-guided sessions, a salt cave and sauna, this studio is the perfect place to bring a friend or loved one for some mindfulness and deep connection.


See if your city has a meditation studio!


5. Farm / Outdoor Dinner:

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for someone who enjoys good food and new experiences, a suggestion we love is finding a local farm or outdoor dinner service! There are some stunning venues and experiential companies putting together the most delectable and outstanding culinary experiences, one that your foodie friend will swoon over. This isn’t just about a fancy meal, but helps bring about an understanding of our food, how its grown and why preserving small farms matter. Your friend will leave with a greater appreciation for healthy, whole meals, food that’s been grown locally and with love, and for the outdoors. There truly isn’t anything like dining under an open sky!


We love Reverie Farm, just outside of Toronto. They do monthly Full Moon dinners al fresco (in the summer months), and this is a great way to celebrate local farming, meet new people, and have a unique experience with a loved one.

We also love the idea behind Outstanding in the Field, and their larger-than-life dinners are absolutely, well…outstanding! Check to see if there is one near you, and enjoy a curated culinary experience in a breathtaking setting.

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