How to Manifest What You Actually Want in Just 5 Minutes

January 11, 2018  •   3 min read


It’s the time of year when everyone is talking about goals and resolutions. Some of the advice out there can feel a little bit redundant and repetitive, with almost all social media accounts telling you to “hit the gym” and “crush your to do list”. The pressure one can feel from all the “new year, new me” narratives can definitely get a little too much, to the point where so many of us don’t even bother setting goals.


The trouble with this is, is that we do want certain things, but we believe that the unchartered waters of goal-setting, manifestation and meditation are too complicated to navigate, so we’d rather just hope for the best and see where life takes us. #gowiththeflow right? Mm no. Here’s the thing – going with the flow means that we are relinquishing control of our own lives, and leaving it in the hands of chance, or perhaps even other people. We get frustrated when things don’t work out for us, but often find it too hard to be active in our own lives. The typical overhaul and reassessment of your life that a new year tends to suggest is hard, and it’s not always fun. So, instead of tackling it like an entire makeover, do it one bit at a time. Rather than going with the flow, be the flow.


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Here’s a two-step process to manifest what you want in just 5 minutes.


As an avid student of meditation and manifestation, I’ve seen this work time and time again for me. I’ve taken quite a few manifestation courses, and have of course, read The Secret and other books on attaining your goals. The key that is the same across all boards is visualization and affirmation. Powerfully visualizing something you deeply desire, to the point of feeling like it’s real is where the crux of manifestation lies. Then following up with a positive affirmation helps seal the deal. Let’s get started so you can manifest what you want.



Begin with a goal you have in mind. It could be getting a raise at work, or restoring health, or living in your dream home. Once you have the goal in mind, close your eyes and visualize the image of what the goal looks like. You can play a little movie in your head, of you as the star, and the goal as the plot. If your goal was to live in your dream home, imagine yourself walking down the halls of your new home, opening the fridge in your perfect kitchen, lying in bed and looking up at your beautiful new ceilings. Really feel all of these things as if they were 100% real. How cold is the air of the fridge on your face, what do the walls of your new home feel like under your fingertips?


Adding kinaesthetic properties to your goal allows your subconscious mind to be persuaded into thinking these things are real. The more you plant this seed, the more affirmed your goal gets.


Doing this once might not do much, depending on the level of your belief. If you do this for a few minutes a day though, you will start to believe it’s real. Once you see it as real, your commitment to the goal acts as though it is already obtained. Believing you already have what you deeply desire is the key to achieving it. Do this first thing in the morning, and last thing before you sleep every day and watch how fast your goals become reality.



Strengthening your visualization with an affirmation is a great way to get closer to achieving your goals. Say your affirmations out loud, say them to yourself in the mirror, and write them down in your journal. But be sure you are making positive statements that are kind, loving, and that you will really good saying.


Tell your subconscious mind that you have already achieved the goal you set out to accomplish. An example is “I deeply love and accept my body, and am grateful for how she shows up for me everyday.” The point is to feel how you would feel if you achieved your goal. Feel happy now, feel excited now, feel like your body is healthy and strong now. This helps create the inner shift you need for the rest of your being to follow. When you hear quotes that say “your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does”, this is exactly what they mean.


Be sure to only focus on the outcome of your desire. Getting stressed or lost in the how or whys is a sure way to weaken your intention. You only have to focus on what you want, not how it’ll come to you.


A few years ago, I was moving to Shanghai, China and before I left I took a manifestation course. In the course, they guided us to meditate on something we desired. I thought of my apartment in Shanghai, and what I would want in it. I knew I wanted a safe, gated community with a security guard, and to be close to public transport and food. I then let my mind wander and saw myself living in a big apartment with dark hardwood floors, long white couches, a big balcony, a long grey kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A few weeks later, I was living in Shanghai and I took a look around my apartment and almost gasped. I had forgotten, but it was exactly what I had visualized! It had the dark hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the long white couches, the big balcony, the gated community – everything! The power of our minds is truly extraordinary!


The visualization combined with the affirmation should take no more than 5 minutes a day. I’ve seen this work for me so many times, and each time I send up a heartfelt note of gratitude to the universe. Try it out for yourself and see your life actually take shape how you wanted it to.



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